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Curriculum Enrichment

The High Rock - Pollard PTC Creative Arts Committee provides programs that aim to enrich the curriculum, enhance an appreciation of cultural creative expression, and expose students to a wide variety of arts. During the year, each grade has scheduled 3 or 4 programs, including venues such as drama, dance, music, painting and drawing.  

Grade 6
Pharaohs & Pyramids
Fun With Science
Birds of Prey  
Chariot of the Sun
Jeff Benoit
Structures (Bridges)

Grade 7
The Art of France
Art Quest
Spanish and Latin American Art
Art Quest
A Little Potato and Hard to Peel
David Herrell
Nine Who Dared
Theatre Espresso

Grade 8

Heat and Temperature
Musem of Science
Sigh /Omelas
Steve Kidd
Uprising on King Street
Theatre Espresso
Midsummer Night's Dream
Shakespeare Now