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The budget is initially drafted in May and June with the PTC Co-Presidents, the Treasurer, the School Principals, and the School Secretaries. The PTC Board of Directors approves the budget at its first meeting during the first week of the school year. It is then approved by the PTC at its first meeting in October. The 2019-2020 budget has been posted here as approved by the Board of Directors.

Activities and Programs that the PTC supports have included:
Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the educational and extracurricular programs for all the children in grades 6-8 and to foster a sense of community between students, parents, teachers and administrators. Annually, the PTC sponsors grants to each of the teachers at the High Rock School and the Pollard Middle School, to help assist all they do for our children throughout the year. The PTC supports some costs associated with Community Month, STA Day and the Day of Silence. More information will be available at meetings and via email.

Last year the PTC sponsored the following activities:
For 6th grade, the PTC Creative Arts Committee provided Pharoahs and Pyramids (Egypt), Wingmasters(Birds of Prey), Chariot of Fire (Greek Myths) and Techsploration ("Why Buildings Don't Fall Down").  The PTC Enrichment grants provided a music artist in residence at High Rock.  The PTC provided Parenting Programming, staff appreciation luncheons, our first ever Community Week and many other activities. The PTC supports the annual 7th Grade Poetry Day by providing a pizza lunch after a morning of students reciting poetry for their classmates and parents. The Poetry Unit is part of the 7th grade ELA curriculum. For 7th grade the Creative Arts Committee provided Art Quest (Spanish and French Art), Originations (African Dance) and Yoko Watkins (Author of "Far From the Bamboo Grove").  A few of the enrichment grants for the 7th graders last year were Louder Than a Bomb, a music artist in residence and a book club. For 8th grade programs sponsored included Garden Club, Solar Cars and of course the 8th grade Closing Ceremony on the last day of school.  In addition PTC’s Creative Arts Committee provided Theater Espresso ("Uprising on King Street") and Shakespeare Now ("A Midsummer Night's Dream"). The enrichment grants that we provided to the 8th grade were music-artist in residence, Best Buddies and a foreign language mural after school.

Donations have been made in the past to the Needham Education Foundation to sponsor Spelling Bee teams (for their annual spelling bee, held in April), and to the Youth Center.