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Pollard Middle School website

Pollard Middle School website

The home page for the Pollard Middle School.

Pollard Middle School

School Calendar

School events for the Pollard Middle School, including MCAS dates, school concerts, and grade-level field trips.

Online Pollard School Calendar

Principal's listserv

Tamatha Bibbo, principal of the Pollard Middle School, has a listserv email list, which is his way of sending parents emails with grade- and/or school-specific information. The PTC encourages all parents to subscribe to the listserv for the grade that their child is in. If your child's information is updated in PowerSchool, you should already be receiving these emails.
Subscribe to the Principal's listserv for seventh grade

Subscribe to the Principal's listserv for eighth grade

Daily Announcements

These are the daily announcements that are made to the students at the start of each school day.

Daily Announcements