About the PTC

The purpose of the High Rock - Pollard PTC shall be to promote understanding between parents and schools so that parents, teachers, and administrators may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child, and also to contribute to the enrichment of educational and extracurricular programs. The PTC shall operate in accordance with the policies of the Needham Public Schools.

Additional opportunities, other than those listed here, will be available during the year. Attend PTC meetings! We will have updated information on our website and in our newsletters! Click HERE for more information on getting involved.

Support the PTC

Although we may collection donations, material and monetary, for specific events over the year, our main fundraiser starts in the beginning of the school year. All the students will receive a blue envelope for our Building a Strong Community Together Annual Appeal fundraiser. You may also donate via cash or check, or you can also donate online via our our PayPal Link.

Contact the PTC Officers/Board

The High Rock - Pollard PTC is grateful to all the parents who volunteer to take on leadership positions within the PTC and we encourage all parents to feel free to contact board members if they have any questions or if they wish to get involved in the PTC.


Contact Us Link

PTC Leadership

PTC Executive Officers

  • Tonye Hayden-Berry, Co-President

  • Rachel Tedrake, Co-President & Co-Treasurer

  • Lizzie Zosa, Co-Treasurer

PTC Board Members

  • Kira Dies

  • Maria Grossi

  • Abigail Hays

  • Cathy Memory

  • Frederica Saylor

  • Torry Stamm

  • Andreia Stiffler

  • Deena Schacter

  • Shalini Jha

Other leadership members are:

  • Barry Berk, Technology (admin@highrockpollardptc.org )

  • Kira Dies, Facebook Administrator, New Family Committee, Social Committee

  • Mya Fonarov, Enrichment Grant

  • Maria Grossi, Fundraising Committee, Hospitality Committee

  • Abigail Hays, Curriculum Enrichment Chair

  • Shalini Jha, Hospitality Committee

  • Deena Schacter, Spirit Wear

  • Alexis Shapiro, Spirit Wear

  • Torry Stamm, Enrichment Grant Chair, Hospitality Committee

  • Andreia Stiffler, Hospitality Chair (hospitality@highrockpollardptc.org )

Other important PTC Contacts:

SEPAC Representatives for HR-Pollard, (hr-pollard@needhamsepac.org)

  • Daphne Floreal (High Rock)

  • Carrie Galhouse (High Rock)

  • Raven Register (High Rock)

  • Anna Giraldo-Kerr (Pollard)

  • Deana Moreschi (Pollard)

If you're looking for a meaningful way to contribute and help your child's school community, please consider volunteering some of your time with the High Rock-Pollard PTC.