PTC ByLaws


The name of this organization shall be the High Rock - Pollard Parent Teacher Council ("PTC").


The purpose of the PTC shall be to promote understanding between parents and schools so that parents, teachers, and administrators may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child, and also to contribute to the enrichment of educational and extracurricular programs. The PTC shall operate in accordance with the policies of the Needham Public Schools.


All persons with children attending the High Rock and/or the Pollard Middle Schools who are interested in the purpose for which the PTC is organized may become members upon attending a PTC meeting, volunteering or financially supporting our PTC. The High Rock School and the Pollard Middle School teachers and administrators shall be members of the PTC with full voting privileges.


The Executive Officers of the PTC shall be as follows:

Co- Presidents – It shall be the duty of the Presidents to preside at all regular meetings of the PTC and to perform all other duties pertaining to the office. The Presidents shall serve as the representatives to the system wide PTC Presidents' Council.

Secretary – It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of all proceedings at all meetings of the PTC, to provide the minutes at the next meeting, to issue notices of all meetings, and to conduct the general correspondence of the PTC. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to maintain the documents of the PTC. It shall be the duty of the secretary to take notes at PTC meetings and provide a copy to be posted or available to interested parties on the website through the end of the school year. The Secretary may ask another PTC member to take notes if she or he is unavailable.

Treasurer – It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to maintain the books and financial records of the PTC, to receive and disburse all PTC funds, and to render a report at each meeting. The Treasurer shall pay all bills incurred in the regular and normal operation of the PTC, and shall pay such amounts for unusual expenditures as authorized by a majority vote of the Board. At the Annual Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit a written report summarizing the year's receipts and disbursements.

Any of the above Executive Officer positions may be filled by one or more members.


There shall be a Board consisting of the Executive Officers, the School Principals or a representative, and, when possible, a Teacher, plus up to twelve directors elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The Board shall have general supervision of all the interests of the PTC. To it shall be designated the right and duty of handling all ordinary business matters coming before the PTC. Any matter decided by the Board may be reversed by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting of the PTC. The School Principals and Executive Officers shall have the authority to convene and act on PTC matters requiring immediate attention. The Board shall be authorized to appoint an auditor or legal counsel when deemed necessary.


The Nominating Committee – shall consist of four members and a chairperson. The Principals, the Presidents , and the immediate Past President will act as an advisory board to help the Nominating Committee. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to nominate members to serve on the Board for the following year, this slate to be voted on at the next to last meeting of the year. The Nominating Committee shall attempt to fill vacancies on all committees for the upcoming school year.

The Hospitality Committee – shall supervise the providing of refreshments at designated functions.

The Media Center Committee – shall be responsible for organizing volunteers to serve in the Media Center.

The Creative Arts Committee – shall be responsible for presenting to the PTC those programs which would enhance the children's cultural experience. The chairperson shall serve as High Rock - Pollard PTC's representative to the Needham Creative Arts Council.

The Enrichment Grants Committee – shall review parent and/or teacher requests for monies up to an amount to be determined annually to enrich the curriculum. Requests exceeding the amount are presented by the Committee for approval at PTC meetings.

The Fund Raising Committee – shall be responsible for overseeing the raising of monies to support the purposes of the PTC.

The Presidents of the PTC shall have the power to appoint any special committees that seem to the members or to the Board to be necessary.


Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority by which this organization shall function.


The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a meeting duly called. Any member may propose an amendment to these Bylaws. Notice of the proposed amendments will be made available to all members in writing or electronically at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


Regular meetings shall be held at least six times during the school year. The Annual Meeting shall be the final meeting scheduled prior to the end of the school year. The Annual Meeting shall be held for the election of the incoming Board, for receiving the Annual Reports, and for any other business that may come before the PTC. Board members will enter upon their duties of office immediately preceding the adjournment of the Annual Meeting.


A quorum at any meeting will consist of five members attending.


These Bylaws shall be distributed by the Secretary to all Board members before the first meeting of the school year. These Bylaws will be available upon request through the Principal's office.

Adopted 6/9/98

Revised 6/16/09

Revised 10/10/12