Enrichment Grants

What are Enrichment Grants?

Enrichment Grants and After School Grants are considered for projects associated with curriculum enhancement. Grants may be written for materials, stipends to outside resources, books, or other ideas that will support and enhance the curriculum. The Committee to approve these grants is made up of of interested parents, teachers and staff to a maximum of 12 people.

Past grant awards have included:

  • Solar Cars - All Grade 8 students will be able to participate in the popular and successful solar car project, in which students design cars that can adapt from solar to electrical energy.

  • Sensory Integration Equipment - Sensory integration equipment to assist some special education students at High Rock. This equipment is a long-term investment because it can be used with future High Rock students as well.

  • Math Enrichment Activities for Flex Block - This grant will provide Grade 6 flex block classes with games and magazines which enhance math and language skills.

  • Garden Club – Funds were requested to buy supplies for the Grade 8 afterschool Garden Club.

Who can apply?

Grant applications will be considered from any teacher, staff member, parent, or student of the High Rock or Pollard community.

Parent- or student-initiated grant applications must have a sponsoring staff member. Grant applications will be considered for single classes, multiple classes, clusters, single grade levels, multiple grade levels, or whole school activities.

Who decides which grants get funded?

The Enrichment and After-School Grant Committee will consist of interested PTC parents, teachers, and staff to a maximum of 12 people. Fill out the PTC Interest form below or email the PTC President at president@highrockpollardptc.org for more information.

Join PTC Form

How do you apply for an Enrichment Grant?

Download the Grant Application form (pdf fillable) here : HRP PTC Enrichment Grant Application Form (Fillable PDF) or pick up a printed form from the GREEN PTC Enrichment Grant Appllication folder in the PTC mailbox at High Rock or Pollard.

Grant approval is a two-stage process. First the applicant submits the application to the appropriate principal. Grant applications for Sixth-grade projects should be submitted to Jessica Downey (Jessica_Downey@Needham.k12.ma.us), High Rock Principal. Grant applications for seventh- or eighth-grade projects should be submitted to Tamatha Bibbo (Tamatha_Bibbo@Needham.k12.ma.us), Pollard Principal. Grant applications for projects involving students at both Schools should be submitted to both principals. After reviewing the application, the principals will forward it to the PTC Enrichment Grant Committee Chair (enrichgrant@highrockpollardptc.org) via email. Questions are sometimes asked for clarification, which the committee chairs will convey to the individual who submitted the application.

After approval from the school principal(s), Grants are approved by majority vote, by committee members who respond to the email within 2 business days. The committee can approve grant requests up to $500. Requests above $500, once approved by the committee, will also be approved by the PTC Executive Board, via email.

The outcome of the approval process will be communicated by the committee chair to the individuals who submitted the application and a grant number will assigned to the grant.

Once approved how is payment received?

Once a grant is approved, the committee chairs will notify, in addition to the grant recipient, the PTC Treasurer.

The grant recipient can ask for reimbursement by submitting the PTC Expense Reimbursement Form which can be found electronically on the PTC Forms page or a printed form can be found in the Treasurer folder in the PTC mailbox at both High Rock School and Pollard Middle School.

The grant recipient can also avoid out-of-pocket expenditures by communicating with the PTC Treasurer who can pay some invoices, catalog orders, performance fees, etc. directly to the vendor whenever possible.

PTC grant-funded purchases are tax exempt, and therefore we do not need to pay sales tax!

Inquire about using the PTC’s Tax Exempt Number when making any purchases that will be reimbursed by an enrichment grant.

Contact the PTC Treasurer by email : Treasurer@highrockpollardptc.org