Roles & Committees

The PTC is comprised of Executive Officers and a number of roles on different committees. The committees include: Hospitality Committee, Media Center Committee, School Activity Committee, Creative Arts or Curriculum Enrichment Committee, Enrichment Grants Committee, Fundraising Committee, Communications Committee, and New Families Committee.

Look below at open positions and please fill out the form (CLICK HERE FOR FORM) to get more information! Or send an email to

Open positions:

Hospitality Committee Member

Organize teacher/staff appreciation luncheons/activities and also supervise the providing of refreshments at other designated functions. We are looking for additional committee members so that there is better coverage at both schools.

Curriculum Enrichment Grade Level Coordinators

Connect with department heads and help plan and schedule programs that aim to enhance the curriculum. Each grade has 3 or 4 programs per year.

Enrichment Grants Committee / Chair

The chair receives the grant requests and checks that they contain all the relevant information and communicates information between the committee and requestor(s). The committee evaluates and votes on whether to approve or deny the request.

Fundraising Comittee:

Spirit Wear

Kickback Events

Box Top for Education Coordinator

Fundraising committee organizes a spirit wear shop, sets up kickback events, and coordinates Box Top for Education collections.

Parent Programming Committee

Organize workshops or presentations which address issues such as bullying, social media navigation, and building self-confidence among middle schoolers.

New Families Committee / Chair

Connect with new families in the community. It would be helpful to have volunteers at all 3 grade levels.

Social Committee/Chair

Connect parents with other parents. It would be helpful to have parents at all three grade levels.

Facebook Page Volunteers

Volunteers from different grade levels and schools to share information from the PTC from time to time on those other group pages.

Information for each of the committees/roles are below:

Executive Officers

The Executive Officer Positions are:

Co- Presidents – It shall be the duty of the Presidents to preside at all regular meetings of the PTC and to perform all other duties pertaining to the office. The Presidents shall serve as the representatives to the system wide PTC Presidents' Council.

Secretary – It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of all proceedings at all meetings of the PTC, to provide the minutes at the next meeting, to issue notices of all meetings, and to conduct the general correspondence of the PTC. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to maintain the documents of the PTC. It shall be the duty of the secretary to take notes at PTC meetings and provide a copy to be posted or available to interested parties on the website through the end of the school year. The Secretary may ask another PTC member to take notes if she or he is unavailable.

Treasurer – It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to maintain the books and financial records of the PTC, to receive and disburse all PTC funds, and to render a report at each meeting. The Treasurer shall pay all bills incurred in the regular and normal operation of the PTC, and shall pay such amounts for unusual expenditures as authorized by a majority vote of the Board. At the Annual Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit a written report summarizing the year's receipts and disbursements. Any of the above Executive Officer positions may be filled by one or more members.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for hosting several school events as requested by the Principals of High Rock and Pollard. The Committee also plans and presents Staff Appreciation meals and/or treats.

Media Center Committee

The Media Center Committee is a team of volunteers who help at the schools' media centers. There is a Chair of the committee to organize the volunteer efforts.

This committee is TBD. At present time, only staff and students are allowed into the schools while school is in session. We will ask for volunteers once these volunteers will be able to go into the schools.

School Activity Committee

School Activity Committe includes volunteers and coordinators for 7th Grade Poetry Day, 7th Grade Field Day, and 8th Grade Graduation.

This committee is TBD. At present time, only staff and students are allowed into the schools while school is in session. We will ask for volunteers once these volunteers will be able to go into the schools.

Creative Arts / Curriculum Enrichment

The High Rock - Pollard PTC Creative Arts Committee provides programs that aim to enrich the curriculum, enhance an appreciation of cultural creative expression, and expose students to a wide variety of arts. During the year, each grade has scheduled 3 or 4 programs, including venues such as drama, dance, music, painting and drawing.

Grade 6

Pharaohs & Pyramids

Fun With Science

Birds of Prey


Chariot of the Sun

Jeff Benoit

Structures (Bridges)


Grade 7

The Art of France

Art Quest

Spanish and Latin American Art

Art Quest

A Little Potato and Hard to Peel

David Herrell

Nine Who Dared

Theatre Espresso

Grade 8

Heat and Temperature

Musem of Science

Sigh /Omelas

Steve Kidd

Uprising on King Street

Theatre Espresso

Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare Now

Enrichment Grants Committee

Enrichment Grants and After School Grants are considered for projects associated with curriculum enhancement. Grants may be written for materials, stipends to outside resources, books, or other ideas that will support and enhance the curriculum. The Committee to approve these grants is made up of of interested parents, teachers and staff to a maximum of 12 people. Contact the PTC if you are interested in serving on this committee.

Past grant awards have included:

Solar Cars All Grade 8 students will be able to participate in the popular and successful solar car project, in which students design cars that can adapt from solar to electrical energy.

Sensory Integration Equipment Emily Dudek requested sensory integration equipment to assist some special education students at High Rock. This equipment is a long-term investment because it can be used with future High Rock students as well.

Math Enrichment Activities for Flex Block This grant will provide Grade 6 flex block classes with games and magazines which enhance math and language skills.

Advisory Enrichment Activities This grant will provide Grade 6 advisory classes with games which foster team building, creative thinking and reasoning skills.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee can have a number of coordinators or team that works all together. The committee is responsible for the Spirit Wear sales, kickback events, Box Tops for Education, Amazon Smile, and any other fundraising efforts/ideas that committee would like to try.

Parent Programming Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing workshops or presentations which would be of interest to middle school parents. These programs could address issues such as bullying, social media navigation, and building self-confidence among middle schoolers.

New Families Committee

This committee is a contact for new members in our community. A welcoming committe to new families to our schools.

Social Committee

This committee has a goal to help parents connect with other parents.

Communications Committee

This committee includes such roles as:

  • Technology Administrator - helps with administrative duties for website and emails.

  • Newsletter Coordinator - Collect information from Principals and PTC officers and use MailChimp to send newsletter to the community. Frequency varies with the amount of activities, but Pre-COVID was twice a month.

  • Website administrator - update information on the PTC website.

  • Facebook page administrator - update information on the High Rock - Pollard PTC facebook page

  • Grade level volunteers to share information from the PTC to the different facebook pages for the graduating years and school parents' facebook pages.