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Community Non-Profits Links:

  • Citizens for Needham Schools - Citizens for Needham Schools (CNS) connects families, schools and communities to help foster exchanges of information and ideas about Needham Schools to provide the best possible education for children.

  • Needham Diversity Initiative - Needham Diversity Initiative, Inc. has a mission to create a welcoming town. Our hope is to explore, foster, strengthen, and celebrate Needham’s diversity of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender (including identity and expression), ethnic identity, socioeconomic status, ability, and age.

  • Needham Education Foundation - The Needham Education Foundation raises funds and awards grants to promote innovation and excellence in education for Needham public school students.

Other Links for programs for middle school students

These are not endorsed by the High Rock Pollard PTC, but provided for information. If you would like to provide 1 link and 1 sentence description for your program for middle school students, fill out this form.