Welcome to the High Rock - Pollard PTC

The High Rock - Pollard Parent Teacher Council (PTC) represents and supports both the High Rock School and the Pollard Middle School. Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the education and extracurricular programs for all the children in grades 6, 7, and 8, and to foster a sense of community between students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Message from the PTC Presidents

This year, perhaps more than any other year, our teachers need to FEEL support from our parent community. We're sure many of you, like us, know K12 teachers and have heard how difficult the last year has been for them. Nationally, many have left the profession as a result of the stress from the pandemic. We have committed that this year our primary job is to make sure the teachers at High Rock and Pollard hear from us on a regular basis how much we appreciate their efforts on behalf of our kids. Specifically, we'd like to surprise them with our appreciation from time to time and put a smile on their faces. We're looking forward to brainstorming with you all how we can do that.

There are two ways you can help:

1) Financial Assistance so that our organization can provide speakers and materials to enrich the classroom experience for the students and teachers. Also, so that we can show our appreciation to our schools' teachers and staff.

2) Volunteer! We have a number of positions to fill so that we can achieve our mission this year.

Next PTC Meeting:
Wednesday, June 8
7:30 –8:30pm
on Zoom

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Thank you for you support!

Kirby Salerno & Rachel Tedrake, HRP PTC Co-Presidents