PTC Forms


Form to fill out if you need to be reimbursed by the PTC for approved expenses.

An instruction form can be found HERE.

You can submit via a Google Form which allows for links to be shared or pdf or image files uploaded. If you still need to itemize your expenses, you can use the Fillable PDF to itemize expenses or otherwise make a detailed list of your purchases and expenses.

You can download a pdf version of the form, Fillable PDF version Form. Download, fillout, print and deliver to the school or email to

There are also printed forms available in the PTC Treasurer folder in the PTC mailbox at both High Rock and Pollard schools.

If you have many purchases, receipts for multiple stores, or if the treasurer makes a request, please itemize your expenses. Send a more detailed list of your purchases and expenses. or fill out the Itemized Form. Email to make arrangements to include original receipts/invoices.

Please go the Enrichment Grants page for the form and information.